Monday, 28 October 2013


Tis true, I have not posted here for a day or two. I have a life you know. Not much of one perhaps but what I do have is important to me.

So The Crofter has had to wait a little. But this morning, after listening to how the soft-southern Brits have been struggling with the wee strong breeze that crossed their path for a change, I tootled down in the warm sunshine and breathless air to see what was happening on The Croft. As it happens, not much. Mr Crofter Sir, him of the .... well you know - was working in the tooth factory. Mum Crofter was doing her thing in there too. While Dad Crofter dug a hole in the drive while we watched on to let the water drain off. It rained a tad overnight you see. I noticed the water splooshing down the river the other morning after another wee shower in the night. A wee shower that woke me from my fitful slumbers such was it's ferocity.

But the rain showers soon came back again as I watched them move across The Minch o'er there.

This two legged beast remained inside the byre while the rain spotted down.

And Dad Crofter later spent time doing muddy things and avoiding the white terrorists lurking nearby.

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