Friday, 29 June 2012


 Action as Dad Crofter crosses the fence into the pig hutch area.

 Then it's down to t'other pigs down t'croft

Mum Crofter awaits.

No, I don't 'do' colour. It bores me usually. Still, I had an offer of some free Provia colour slide film and a company who process it, scan it and give you prints for a small consideration so I gave it a go. In the old Voigtlander Perkeo it looks rather nice despite my lack of skill in this modern photography.

At least you get a look at The Croft on a sunny day all coloured up!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


 The Crofter pays a bill

The bills have paid a visit

The Crofter has been busy. The trip to the show on t'mainland went very well. Beer was drunk, people nattered too and the Pimped up Mobile got there and back. Then there was the little matter of teeth work to contend with on his return. Lots of it.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Pig in ....

The Crofter is away. Away on the mainland checking out the sheeps and no doubt drinking Black Sheep Ale at the Royal Highland show. Meanwhile, the Crofter's Mater and Pater are holding the fort and enjoying the peace and quiet. Especially since the weather is still nice.

 Stand off


Dad Crofter fed and watered the little piggies, gave some snap to the coows, some grain t the two legged beats and fended off Woolie Ted who was happy to eat whatever he could snaffle.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


 The tooth factory

 Bathing beauties

Mr Crofter Sir is still busy in the tooth factory as write this with my left hand, my right being bandaged to within an millimetre of it's life after being savagely stared at by an over amorous turkey. As a result [possibly] , the good doctors of the island removed the vestiges of that focused gaze yesterday in theatre and I'm left left-handed for the moment. 

 Dad Crofter wonders what got me.

Edinburgh agricultural show beckons this weekend and The Crofter is busy putting things in order before he makes the journey in the new [to-him] pimped up mobile that sits shiny and posey in the driveway.

Mobile all pimped up.

Don't quote me on this but me thinks Mr Crofter Sir will come home avec furry dice hanging shamefacedly from the rear view mirror. There, I've said it!

Dad Crofter guards the eggs

Of course, mum and dad crofter will be on hand to bring order to the chaos while The Crofter empties a crate of black sheep with his fellow Hebridean sheeps people. I wish him a safe journey.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Mr Crofter Sir. Looking for an escape route.

He's been busy, trust me. I know it doesn't look like it but Mr Crofter Sir has been rushing here and there as well as sitting just here - for a bit. I liked the look of his perch so snapped him up. Why not?

Monday, 11 June 2012



Mr Crofter Sir has had to play with the Pimped up Mobile recently on account of it not going. Or at least, not going very far. A place had to be found to 'do' some work on the mobile so Lucy had to be moved too. Only, her battery was flat so, a new charged one was fetched and installed and Lucy fired up first [ish] time.

The ex-yellow van place

Then I notice there's hole where the yellow van used to be - the van now sitting in true Lewis style, down on the croft ready to house something crofty. 

The Pimped up mobile is soon up and running too. the oil in the something underneath having been replenished - which is just as well since he's off to Uig in the morning in it!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


 Dad Crofter getting out of the Hutches

I arrived just as Dad crofter was climbing out the hutches. I don't think he slept there, merely feeding them piggies up. And they take a bit of feeding them boys and girls. The sun was shining again as I pointed my camera - an Olympus OM1n if you are asking - loaded with outdated HP5 film rated at 800asa  at the posse.

Chicken looks to see if there is any food left

Yes, the piggies are big. But friendly al the same and love a good scratch behind the ears. Bit rough on ones hands though. Mr Crofter Sir, chairman of this and that was over-busy  in the tooth factory at the time.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


 Mr Crofter Sir, shawn

I think Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the chairman thing and all that, has got a little to close to the strimmer recently since he seems now to have a DA. Makes a change. At least it's not bowl shaped! I'm mean, even this duck hasn't got a DA like The Crofter.

 Duck and friends.

It is still warm up here. The ground is hard as rock stalling the veg planting till the rains come. The piggies - or some of them are out in the field looking for morsels on the ground. Mum Crofter is cleaning out the cockerls stys wearing a mask. And talking all the the time to the boys there.

Sue by the cock stys

I notice a pile of peats by Lucy the landrover. New to that spot. I'm thinking; "well, that was quick, straight out the ground and home in one afternoon". Only, it seems these were peats from two years ago. Don't want to overdo things do we?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Cutting the trailer to size. Like you do.

Of course he is still there. How else would I get fresh eggs? Ten chains down the road from our little Cotter's shack and I'm there clutching warm eggs straight from - from wherever they come from. Eggs is not my subject see.
Anyway, the eggs appear regularly most of the year and I buy them. What more do you need to know?

I notice The Great Man, The Crofter Sir, chairman of this and that, making of toothy things and chaos, was sawing bits off the back of the newly re-mantled trailer. The thing had rusted away. I know, It's hard to believe that here but it did, then Callum the blacksmith [and more] made a new chassis to fit, Mr Crofter Sir made a new top bit - which wasn't quite right. So he sawed a bit off. As you do. Well, as he does. I think the only orignal bit on the trailer is now the towing hitch bit!

I shall pop down and see him soon so I can report back.