Thursday, 25 October 2012


Goose pate anyone? No, me neither since I don't eat birds and the like. However, there's a couple of birds down at t'croft that I wouldn't mind seeing the back of.

Was just minding my own business following the crofter - 'im of the Shoppe committee and everything - with me camera when I'm attacked by this ere bunch of white feathered animated trumpets. Seems like I'd strayed into their domain or something. Dad crofter nearly fell off his legs laughing as I fended the beasts off.

The Crofter was moving 'stuff' from the housey area to the yellow van - henceforth known as the secondary storeroom. The trailer was hitched up to the newer, more rusty  Land Rover which had been started and left running on account of the battery not charging. I mean who needs technical excellence and reliability?

Soon Mr Crofter Sir was trailing across the croft, land rover and trailer full of 'stuff'. Through the first gate and up tp the next where yours truly leapt forward to open it. The wrong way as it happens  Still, it opened in the end and Mr Crofter Sir continued up towards the secondary storeroom.

Up past the poly-tunnel.

Towards the feathered beasts.

Then he stopped. And exited the quiet Land Rover. Apparently, and I find this hard to believe of The Crofter, he had run out of diesel. Whle he trasped back to the housey to get some more, Dad Crofter looked into the yellow-van [S-s] to see what could be moved to make room for more 'stuff'.

Mr Crofter comes back with more fuel.

Making room for more 'stuff'.

It was MiLud, at this point that the feathered beasts saw fit to attack me.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


There's haybales inside awaiting transportation out the hungry coows - out on the apportionment  An apportionment that is not Mr Crofter's I'm told but a use-of arrangement till Mr Crofter gets his apportionment fenced.

Tis a tad dampish out this morning but the coows are hungry and must be fed-up so Mr Crofter sparks up the tractor - which does work today - and backs the trailer into the yard. I watch from the bales-house along with Turk.

The bale gets loaded and we troop out to the moor where the coows are living at the moment. At least Hyacinth loves it here - and hates being indoors despite the weather. Not sure about the others though.

The track up is lovely. Curves all over the shop and I shoot off some film in two cameras. Why not?

There's something lurking in the loch down there. No doubt it's been there for years.

I shoot and leave.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


It rained the other night. A lot. So much so it woke me from my slumbers. Not that I sleep well but I did wonder what the racket on the roof was, looked out o'er the Minch and couldn't see it due to the vertical rain - and darkness.

In the morning I wandering lonely as a cloudy day down to t'croft where The Tractor was awaiting attention from Crofter's dad as it wouldn't start. Got a tad damp and everything.

Mr Crofter meanwhile was in the warm of the tooth factory busily making teef. As you do.
Life goes on.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Dad Crofter making a mess with the tractor

 Butch comes to see what's going on

 Then has a scratch on the tyre.
 Before having a run in the sun

Before finding something interesting

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Teef are getting made and The Crofter seems to have little time to shift sh*t from here to there - and probably back again on the tread of his boots. So Dad Crofter is doing that bit on t'croft while The Crofter 'imself fiddles in the cupboard supposedly looking for something important in the Tooth Factory. Mum Crofter awaits instructions.

Meanwhile the Starlings are beginning to run things round here. I saw millions of them lurking thereabouts. I shall keep a look out and tell you more.