Thursday, 18 October 2012


There's haybales inside awaiting transportation out the hungry coows - out on the apportionment  An apportionment that is not Mr Crofter's I'm told but a use-of arrangement till Mr Crofter gets his apportionment fenced.

Tis a tad dampish out this morning but the coows are hungry and must be fed-up so Mr Crofter sparks up the tractor - which does work today - and backs the trailer into the yard. I watch from the bales-house along with Turk.

The bale gets loaded and we troop out to the moor where the coows are living at the moment. At least Hyacinth loves it here - and hates being indoors despite the weather. Not sure about the others though.

The track up is lovely. Curves all over the shop and I shoot off some film in two cameras. Why not?

There's something lurking in the loch down there. No doubt it's been there for years.

I shoot and leave.

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