Tuesday, 28 June 2011


His Lordship, the prince of likeness , chairman of the ....., etc, has moved into new premises for his lab where he fashions teeth for the elite of the island. This is not it. This was the old place where the great work was done. Now, The Crofter has a wonderfully light and sparkling room overlooking the village so he can keep a wary eye out while doing his 'thing' with wax and plastic. In between herding turkeys around and what have you.
It takes all sorts eh?

Friday, 24 June 2011


Here's Esme with Mum Hyacynth and friend. Lovely.
Mr Crofter is feeling pleased with her. Even if the tractor is still playing up and his back is aching from using the racing digger.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I was taking Robert and Frankie for a stroll when I saw the Crofter, crouched beside his beloved Yangtze MaotsetunSon tractor which it seems had failed to make the Great Leap Forward this morning - much like the real thing. Frankie was interested though. Robert less so but I asked the obvious. "A problem Sir?". A bit of respect in these circumstances always goes a long way. Seems like the beast was only running for five minutes before coughing and stuttering causing alarm and consternation in this particular croft.  

The Lone Crofter

I also hear that Perseus the calf is not as it seems. A slight oversight by the Crofter was rectified when the little calf unexpectedly peed down the Crofter's leg from its back end meant a quick change of name. So now it's Esme - which suits the beastette very well. I can't imagine how The Croftermade such a mistake. Perhaps its because he isn't getting out much and has no lady friend at the moment to compare 'things'.

So I'm putting out a plea for Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the grazings committee, the shop committee chairmanship, the teeth making business and owner of the croft and attendant animals; if there is some lovely lady out there who would like to meet this fine gentleman [GSOH AOT etc] with the long-term aim of living in the Western Isles, on a croft who can recognise male from female animals and, can fix a Chinese diesel engine, then this is the opportunity for you!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Perseus is here. All hail Perseus the new calf of Hyacynth. Been down to see him, took a snap but have not finished the film. You'll have to wait to see him since the quack is cutting my hand open in the morning which is going preclude visitations to the darkroom for a week. Sorry.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


 Dad Crofter
I came across Dad crofter watering the .... the plants in the box thing. The box thing is to help make the plants grow or something. And I must admit they are doing somewhat better then our miserable green things in the proper ground. Dad Crofter is a happy chappie even if he doesn't always show it.
 Uncle Crofterman
Then I notice another chappie lurking. Looking very dapper in his jacket and jumper. De-rigueur in Yorkshire I'm told to keep out the cold nights whilst walking the whippet - probably. It's Uncle Crofter from dooon sooth near Doncaster way. Come up with his dear wife to walk the beaches, buy up the Fisherman's Coop and not dig cow-poo. And who can blame him? Can you see the resemblance to his brother?? Me neither. 
The Crofter seals the deal.
Meanwhile the Crofter has been out selling some of his little Hebridean lambs. Lovely things they are and now destined for life on the west-side of the island somewhere. No doubt they'll make an appearance at the West-Side show at some point. Still, Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the grazings committee and the shop chairmanship an all that is feeling pleased with himself. Although that's probably more to do with Liverpool FC not playing and the Tour de France starting soon. Just be warned; don't show up when there's a mountain stage of the Tour on TV.

Friday, 10 June 2011


So, the Yangtze Maotsetungson tractor made it's long journey across the moor from the next village - or was it the one after that? No idea since it's a while back. However, it arrived in all it's glory, was parked up for all the fellow crofters to wonder at in the front yard. In the morning it was still there. Mid-morning it was still there too. Apparently it wouldn't start!!! Can you believe it? Mr Crofter soon got to work fettling and fubbling and then it sprung into life with a cough and a puff of smoke. Oh, the wonder.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Apologies for the lack of recent posts. I will resume posts shortly. I have been in England with my ailing Mother who passed peacefully from this life.