Saturday, 22 September 2012


The great chopping of the piggies continues and hamburgers get made. Mum Crofter supervises The Crofter as they consider skinless sausages.

Friday, 21 September 2012


Doris the piggie is no more. She sits now in pieces in the freezer after The Crofter and family butchered her [with lots of love] after she came back from the abattoir. She wasn't the youngest piggie and had plenty of fat to keep her warm. Still, plenty of cutsto be had, plenty of hamburgers to be made and later eaten no doubt. [But not by me since I eat no meat at all]. It was by all accounts a long job and the next day Maclaren came home in bits too. A sad day all round.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A wondering

The animules seem to know there's some quietude and loss about the place. They're wondering an all.

But The Crofter carries on. Making teef, feeding the rest of the beasts. Doing other things.

Monday, 10 September 2012


 Shopping coming in

Teeth to be made coming in

Just as well The Crofter has his parents around the place. When he is busy making teeth - as he is at the moment, not much time left for keeping the place going. Money has to be earned so teeth have to be made. 

I found The Crofter hard at work in the tooth factory this morning, then Dad Crofter brought some more work in from the dentists, and the shopping from the shops. A man's work in never done - obviously.

  Getting ready for Investing [trust me; this IS what he is doing - I used to do this too until I was saved and did another job! ]

Teeth in wax - waiting to be Invested.


 Chickens al fresco

The new extension to the chicken run [No. 2] has been finished along with new windows and what have you. Obviously the chickens need to be able to watch The Crofter and see what mood he's in when he gets up in the morning. The floor of the extension has yet to be finalised as the the chicken parliament did not want decking as it is rather too 'of a certain class'. Oh well, they can have sand nicked from the beach then.

There you are, all finished with a fine view of the Minch which no doubt they will be staring intently at on Tuesday morning as Maclaren is taken to his demise. That'll be a sad day.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


 The Crofter surveys

Eve scratches

With the days ticking by when two piggies reach the end of time in Tolsta, the Crofter is building a new chicken house - or at least putting on an extension to one of them.

I paid a visit - Donald the fish was there too - but it was all too normal, no chaos of note so I came home.

Sunday, 2 September 2012



Have been away. Sorry but I am allowed a holiday, it's in the rules and everything. 

It seems nothing much has changed although perhaps Maclaren and some of his harem may be baconised soon. Ooh er. Doesn't sound too good does it? Don't speak about it down at the Croft as I don't want to stress the poor blighters any more.