Monday, 10 September 2012


 Shopping coming in

Teeth to be made coming in

Just as well The Crofter has his parents around the place. When he is busy making teeth - as he is at the moment, not much time left for keeping the place going. Money has to be earned so teeth have to be made. 

I found The Crofter hard at work in the tooth factory this morning, then Dad Crofter brought some more work in from the dentists, and the shopping from the shops. A man's work in never done - obviously.

  Getting ready for Investing [trust me; this IS what he is doing - I used to do this too until I was saved and did another job! ]

Teeth in wax - waiting to be Invested.

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  1. So the Investiture of the Young Pretender was little more than Welsh public fitting, then???


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