Sunday, 26 February 2012



The damp weather does have the effect of lowering Mr Crofter's morale a tad - which is unfortunate because it seems to be damp or wet most of the time at present. If only we could export the water we have the SE of England, we'd be made!

So, the relentless march of feeding times for the animules continues.At least The Crofter has some toys to drive to keep him happy - ish.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


The Crofter
It's wet.
Wetter than yesterday morning it looks like. I have not ventured out yet. My waterproofs are hanging waiting for me to don them and tootle down The Croft to see what mayhem is happening down there, Mud I suspect!

The darkroom beckoned yesterday - it's warmer and dryer in there - and not much darker either. The Crofter appeared on the paper after some fancy hand-work. It must have been sunny then. No idea when that was, I can't think that far back.

Monday, 20 February 2012



Just in case you were worried about her, Lucy is having make-over inside the ex-feed room. New paint and possibly the engine will work too. All things are possible !

Saturday, 18 February 2012



The Crofter is happy. I can assure you of that. Maybe it's because I was away for 10 days recently. Maybe it was because I bought eggs from him today, maybe it was because I let him have my home-made dental sand-blaster I found whilst clearing out my late mother's house or more likely it was because things were going well down on t'croft - despite the inclement weather. To be honest, when I arrived for a visitation, the sun was shining but it soon deteriorated into the usual snow/hail shower. Anyway, the old tractor was coaxed into life, the trailer hitched up and something horrible was taken from there to - somewhere else. Somewhere I don't know. But it helped make the great man happy. As you can see !