Monday, 29 July 2013


These are the noisiest creatures in North Tolsta. Bar none.

I am a pacifist, a pescatarian but I'd happily let someone wring their necks. No, perhaps that's going a little far but they are very noisy and aggressive as well. Perhaps I should ask The Crofter to house them round the little boat.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


There was a hairdressing session this morning. Some of the sheeps who escaped the first scalping  got The Crofter's treatment today - with a little help from Mater & Pater Crofter. Mum Crofter was modelling her new design hat[s]. One to keep the sun off I'm told and the other the flies. Not sure how well it works but kept her happy anyway. Pater Crofter was wearing his latest millinery creation modelled on the great and much-loved Andy Pandy no doubt. [during the short period in my life when I have lived in a house with a TV, I used to watch this show. Loved it - until one day I got so frightened, I've never been able to watch it since and have not had a TV either. Which is a pity because I miss the Flower-pot men].

I notice too that The Crofter is trying out his new monks hairstyle. And a builders bottom that I had great difficulty omitting from the snaps.

Was a lovely morning though. A little bit of breeze to keep the flies away and cool our brows. And the sheeps looked lovely after their haircuts.


Sometimes a snap tells you someone is happy with his lot. This is one of them. Pater Crofter surveying all the he has to tend for while The Crofter himself makes a living.

Having said that they are both out today looking for the sheeps that don't want to come home from the moor despite their hairstyles being all over the place. A good shearing is what waits. Turk doesn't seem to be at all perturbed despite his feathers moulting. Turk has only one eye so perhaps he doesn't notice the jaunty hat atop Pater Crofters head.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


"Come on me lovelies"

I hear this as I venture earthwards in the Croft, past the poly tunnels and out onto the wastelands that is the back bit. There Pater Crofter was lovingly tending his spudatoes.

"They're,,,, well, not sure what they are really but they'll be the best and biggest in Tosta mark my words"

I Believe him. They all lovely very healthy - probably helped by the pile of manure nearby thanks to the Coows, piggies and all the rest.

Monday, 22 July 2013


Three hundred and eighty! 380 posts of this sort of drivel and added snaps. That's a lot of random words and a lot of film shot.

I shall go on even if it's not quite every week. Sorry and all that. Not that you would have noticed anyway.

Surprisingly, these two snaps are related. Not just that they are both B&W or the characters are Pater and Son but there were, are going to be doing the same thing- watering the hot and bothered coows. I noticed Pater Crofter up the road, grabbed my camera and took a few shots as he emerged out of the mist down the croft. I mean, all lovelied up and everything that snap.

Then The Crofter himself appeared passing by the house - our little house - so I took a snap and went indoors :-) I did come out again mind you - to pass the time of day, get some sunburn and what have you. It's what we do - every six years or so!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


There is stuff happening down on The Croft, I just haven't got round to snapping it up - what with the wee boatee and everything. And life. Life gets in the way sometimes.
But rest assured all is well. The chickens are where they should be - in the main.

The piggies are still making a racket and doing nothing much. No change there then.

And the sheeps have been brought in to have a haircut. Only a lot of them seem to have lost their hair already - probably a case of alopecia as a result of worrying about Mr Crofter doing the styling. And they were right to worry! You can't see them here but the geeses where herding the sheeps into the top half of the field. As they do.

The fella is a happy chappie anyway. Content I believe !

Thursday, 11 July 2013


No, no, no, no, no not a boat too!

No, as it happens it's not The Crofter who has acquired a wee tub but me, your photograhiser. The Crofter just used his pimp-mobile to tow the thing from there to here - and hopefully to the water in weeks to come. That's what it needs you see - water. Or so I'm told. In the meantime I shall be smelling up The Croft with anti-fouling paint Eh?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I seem to have lost my mojo at the moment. I suspect the piggies have eaten it - like most other things within their reach. My snaps leave much to be desired, I can't find much the Crofter is doing to snap up that may be interesting and my writing is rubbish. Apart from that all is well.

The crew of Hannah called in to see The Crofter the other day whilst they were in North Tolsta while their lovely boat was in Stornoway harbour. Needed their image so I snapped them up - Mick & Bee gazing at the The Man with, with, with something. Admiration perhaps.


I shall be back soon, rejuvenated. Possibly.