Monday, 22 July 2013


Three hundred and eighty! 380 posts of this sort of drivel and added snaps. That's a lot of random words and a lot of film shot.

I shall go on even if it's not quite every week. Sorry and all that. Not that you would have noticed anyway.

Surprisingly, these two snaps are related. Not just that they are both B&W or the characters are Pater and Son but there were, are going to be doing the same thing- watering the hot and bothered coows. I noticed Pater Crofter up the road, grabbed my camera and took a few shots as he emerged out of the mist down the croft. I mean, all lovelied up and everything that snap.

Then The Crofter himself appeared passing by the house - our little house - so I took a snap and went indoors :-) I did come out again mind you - to pass the time of day, get some sunburn and what have you. It's what we do - every six years or so!

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