Thursday, 25 July 2013


There was a hairdressing session this morning. Some of the sheeps who escaped the first scalping  got The Crofter's treatment today - with a little help from Mater & Pater Crofter. Mum Crofter was modelling her new design hat[s]. One to keep the sun off I'm told and the other the flies. Not sure how well it works but kept her happy anyway. Pater Crofter was wearing his latest millinery creation modelled on the great and much-loved Andy Pandy no doubt. [during the short period in my life when I have lived in a house with a TV, I used to watch this show. Loved it - until one day I got so frightened, I've never been able to watch it since and have not had a TV either. Which is a pity because I miss the Flower-pot men].

I notice too that The Crofter is trying out his new monks hairstyle. And a builders bottom that I had great difficulty omitting from the snaps.

Was a lovely morning though. A little bit of breeze to keep the flies away and cool our brows. And the sheeps looked lovely after their haircuts.

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