Tuesday, 16 July 2013


There is stuff happening down on The Croft, I just haven't got round to snapping it up - what with the wee boatee and everything. And life. Life gets in the way sometimes.
But rest assured all is well. The chickens are where they should be - in the main.

The piggies are still making a racket and doing nothing much. No change there then.

And the sheeps have been brought in to have a haircut. Only a lot of them seem to have lost their hair already - probably a case of alopecia as a result of worrying about Mr Crofter doing the styling. And they were right to worry! You can't see them here but the geeses where herding the sheeps into the top half of the field. As they do.

The fella is a happy chappie anyway. Content I believe !

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