Sunday, 19 June 2011


 Dad Crofter
I came across Dad crofter watering the .... the plants in the box thing. The box thing is to help make the plants grow or something. And I must admit they are doing somewhat better then our miserable green things in the proper ground. Dad Crofter is a happy chappie even if he doesn't always show it.
 Uncle Crofterman
Then I notice another chappie lurking. Looking very dapper in his jacket and jumper. De-rigueur in Yorkshire I'm told to keep out the cold nights whilst walking the whippet - probably. It's Uncle Crofter from dooon sooth near Doncaster way. Come up with his dear wife to walk the beaches, buy up the Fisherman's Coop and not dig cow-poo. And who can blame him? Can you see the resemblance to his brother?? Me neither. 
The Crofter seals the deal.
Meanwhile the Crofter has been out selling some of his little Hebridean lambs. Lovely things they are and now destined for life on the west-side of the island somewhere. No doubt they'll make an appearance at the West-Side show at some point. Still, Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the grazings committee and the shop chairmanship an all that is feeling pleased with himself. Although that's probably more to do with Liverpool FC not playing and the Tour de France starting soon. Just be warned; don't show up when there's a mountain stage of the Tour on TV.

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