Thursday, 23 June 2011


I was taking Robert and Frankie for a stroll when I saw the Crofter, crouched beside his beloved Yangtze MaotsetunSon tractor which it seems had failed to make the Great Leap Forward this morning - much like the real thing. Frankie was interested though. Robert less so but I asked the obvious. "A problem Sir?". A bit of respect in these circumstances always goes a long way. Seems like the beast was only running for five minutes before coughing and stuttering causing alarm and consternation in this particular croft.  

The Lone Crofter

I also hear that Perseus the calf is not as it seems. A slight oversight by the Crofter was rectified when the little calf unexpectedly peed down the Crofter's leg from its back end meant a quick change of name. So now it's Esme - which suits the beastette very well. I can't imagine how The Croftermade such a mistake. Perhaps its because he isn't getting out much and has no lady friend at the moment to compare 'things'.

So I'm putting out a plea for Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the grazings committee, the shop committee chairmanship, the teeth making business and owner of the croft and attendant animals; if there is some lovely lady out there who would like to meet this fine gentleman [GSOH AOT etc] with the long-term aim of living in the Western Isles, on a croft who can recognise male from female animals and, can fix a Chinese diesel engine, then this is the opportunity for you!!!

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