Tuesday, 8 June 2010


The Crofter flying across the veg patch watched by his trusty duck scarer

Innovator in the Crofting World

Not one for staying idle,The Crofter has been taking one of his innovative leaps in the elitist world of North Tolsta crofters originally from Doncaster and on the Grazings Committee. Mr Crofter has now modified his digger thing - with a little help on the welding side from Calum Steallag' Macleod, The Stornoway blacksmith and digger-tuner.

Mr Crofter is a follower of cycle racing on the moving picture box he has at home and noticed that Sir Chris Hoy, Wiggly Braggins et al go extremely fast in the prone position - an aid to aerodynamics. Mr Crofter soon had the brilliant idea to adopt the style for his digging machine that, according to Calum "must have been kept in the sea all winter" such was its condition.

As you can see from the snaps, Mr Crofter now has the fastest-looking digger in North Tolsta. And a sore back.

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  1. I've heard stories of digger racing over obstacle courses....and that in some deep places more eastern, these tractors serve as the horse in front of the cart pulling the family to market and back...


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