Tuesday, 1 June 2010


The Crofter looks on as the escape committee chairlady gets through [de] fences

The Summer Pig quarters

No sooner had I arrived at The Crofters after a little sojourn on the Isle of Jura [very nice since you ask], than the pigs are causing havoc. Piggy [aka Big Bertha], now on a bit of a diet, came into season and took a fancy for a little dalliance with Mr Maclaren who, I might add is a cad and a tart to boot having had relations with all the lady pigs of this parish just about. And he's only been on the island a week or two.

Anyway, Piggy decided to make her way through the fence over to Mr Maclaren's nightly abode - and she did, making mincemeat of the Mr Crofter's lovingly constructed fence. No sooner than they had been playing piggy back, Piggy realised her future of potential motherhood and took off a great speed around the area once known as The Crofter's lawn making a right old racket causing Mr Crofter to leave his sautéed potatoes and grilled breaded whitefish to go cold whilst he checked that his livestock was not being murdered before their allotted time.

Then he went to the grazings committee meeting where he is the only Englishman ever in the whole of North Tolsta to be a member.

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  1. hello island crofters,
    i`m a film maker (and ex small farmer) from new york/montreal...
    I`m in france,belgium,netherlands and finally glasgow.
    working on a film about small farmers.
    not a talking head thing or a "message" piece. more a look at the life as it is lived.
    would love to get in contact with you and others. i will be in scotland around june 18 and on. many thanks stuartbomber@gmail.com website (old one!) robertjamesstuart.com


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