Thursday, 25 October 2012


Goose pate anyone? No, me neither since I don't eat birds and the like. However, there's a couple of birds down at t'croft that I wouldn't mind seeing the back of.

Was just minding my own business following the crofter - 'im of the Shoppe committee and everything - with me camera when I'm attacked by this ere bunch of white feathered animated trumpets. Seems like I'd strayed into their domain or something. Dad crofter nearly fell off his legs laughing as I fended the beasts off.

The Crofter was moving 'stuff' from the housey area to the yellow van - henceforth known as the secondary storeroom. The trailer was hitched up to the newer, more rusty  Land Rover which had been started and left running on account of the battery not charging. I mean who needs technical excellence and reliability?

Soon Mr Crofter Sir was trailing across the croft, land rover and trailer full of 'stuff'. Through the first gate and up tp the next where yours truly leapt forward to open it. The wrong way as it happens  Still, it opened in the end and Mr Crofter Sir continued up towards the secondary storeroom.

Up past the poly-tunnel.

Towards the feathered beasts.

Then he stopped. And exited the quiet Land Rover. Apparently, and I find this hard to believe of The Crofter, he had run out of diesel. Whle he trasped back to the housey to get some more, Dad Crofter looked into the yellow-van [S-s] to see what could be moved to make room for more 'stuff'.

Mr Crofter comes back with more fuel.

Making room for more 'stuff'.

It was MiLud, at this point that the feathered beasts saw fit to attack me.

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