Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Cutting the trailer to size. Like you do.

Of course he is still there. How else would I get fresh eggs? Ten chains down the road from our little Cotter's shack and I'm there clutching warm eggs straight from - from wherever they come from. Eggs is not my subject see.
Anyway, the eggs appear regularly most of the year and I buy them. What more do you need to know?

I notice The Great Man, The Crofter Sir, chairman of this and that, making of toothy things and chaos, was sawing bits off the back of the newly re-mantled trailer. The thing had rusted away. I know, It's hard to believe that here but it did, then Callum the blacksmith [and more] made a new chassis to fit, Mr Crofter Sir made a new top bit - which wasn't quite right. So he sawed a bit off. As you do. Well, as he does. I think the only orignal bit on the trailer is now the towing hitch bit!

I shall pop down and see him soon so I can report back.

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