Wednesday, 6 June 2012


 Mr Crofter Sir, shawn

I think Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the chairman thing and all that, has got a little to close to the strimmer recently since he seems now to have a DA. Makes a change. At least it's not bowl shaped! I'm mean, even this duck hasn't got a DA like The Crofter.

 Duck and friends.

It is still warm up here. The ground is hard as rock stalling the veg planting till the rains come. The piggies - or some of them are out in the field looking for morsels on the ground. Mum Crofter is cleaning out the cockerls stys wearing a mask. And talking all the the time to the boys there.

Sue by the cock stys

I notice a pile of peats by Lucy the landrover. New to that spot. I'm thinking; "well, that was quick, straight out the ground and home in one afternoon". Only, it seems these were peats from two years ago. Don't want to overdo things do we?

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