Sunday, 3 November 2013


Please don't tell me the snap is blurred. I've just looked out the window and it all looks like that. And the horizon is sloping. Granted I'm just out of bed but believe me, it feels like this if not 'looks' like this. Actually, despite the forecast weather, the sun is out - so I can see little at all through my salt encrusted windows.

All the same I imagine The Crofter is just wrapping his lips around a bowl of pig-pellets or whatever he has for breakfast these days. He is working hard after all with the tooth factory going full tilt, smoke pouring out of it's metaphorical chimney as the pearly whites come off the artisan production line.  Although, the locals will be pleased to hear, not today.

There's The Crofter's regulation bucket of builders tea on his work bench next to the tooth-makers Bunsen-burner. It keeps the tea warm longer you see.

Oh look, there's The Great Man himself doing 'things' with Mum Crofter making sure he does it properly. 

It's all gone a bit misty outside. [remember this is NOT today eh? ], perhaps there's a mystery to be solved. That's what happens when a mist swirls about surely? The mystery is where is Dad Crofter? Oh here he is, look through the oblong metal doors and he's spraying water all over the place cleaning off the s**** from the wheeled box for transporting animules thing.

A mere snapshot for the lives of The Crofters

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