Saturday, 23 November 2013


We have staff you know. When I say 'we' what I really mean is The Crofter. And not it's not Mum and Dad - bless their cotton-mix socks but rather Shaun helping out today on his day off from his proper job.

The new staff waiting for orders

Shaun is a really hard worker having helped with the apportionment fencing some time back. You can see this from the snap above. Obviously, he's the one with his hands in his pockets waiting for orders and his bucket of tea. In no time Shaun had been promoted to executive level and was shovelling s , s , stuff from the pig hutches.

I left him to it and ventured into the barn where I found Dad Crofter doing un-thinkable things to an ex-chicken - no longer nailed to its metaphorical perch. I came home soon after.

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