Wednesday, 16 October 2013


He's popular again - as he should be I suppose what with all those animules and his generally pleasant demeaner. That sounds rather a back-handed compliment but it's not meant to be I can tell you. Mr Crofter Sir took Eve and I out for a lovely meal the other evening - along with the delightful Lizz from the USA who had been documenting The Crofting. Only, it was Dad Crofter who was 'doing' crofting things while The Crofter sat in his tooth factory making money to pay for it all.

Dad Crofter cleaning the box on wheels 

 Dad Crofter cutting up turnips while Lizz snaps

Dad Crofter catches his breath in the sunshine

Tired shoes

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  1. I thought I detected a ray of sunlight here. In the Hebs! In Autumn!! We can't be doing with that sort of old nonsense!


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