Friday, 11 October 2013


I wrote about this 'goings on' the other day. Trying to move a big thing full of water from down there to up there on the apportionment. Now I have some snaps to go with it. I should have waited but I have to admit to being rather impatient about such things. You can see the 'thing' is nearly empty above. That's because the water had been let out on account it couldn't be lifted by the Chinese tractor as it wasn't in it's five year plan. Or any plan at all it seems.

But the Crofter and Dad crofter pulled the proddy thing for the bag of the aforesaid tractor so as to fit it on the back. It's kept in the field you see.

 There was a certain amount of tooing and froing before the proddy thing was hanging where it should have been.

The water container sans most of the water was then crofter-handled onto a pallet then nailed to it - but not through the container itself. I mentioned that and got right funny looks I can tell you.

It was happening here - down on The Croft with the sea below, the big sky above and the chugging of the slightly off-colour tractor engine, It all got done in the end but i wasn't there to see it but snuggled up in front of the warm fire.

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