Sunday, 6 October 2013


The geese won't be fooled, I tell you that for nothing.

Yes, yes I went down today. With loaded cameras. "Cameras" note, not "camera". That's just in case something happens and I don't run out of film.

Something was happening too. It was all going wrong and involved a great deal of 'botherations' and the like as gallons of water was put in this 'thing' for the coows up on the apportionment and then emptied again because the Chinese tractor lifting device at the back had gone on strike;. It wouldn't work anyway. So smelly oily stuff was poured in this special place on the tractor and apparently that will make it work. Probably.

Only I didn't wait the 2 hours to find out since I have a life to live. And don't get telling me the horizon is crooked you pinickity photo-pixel types. We are on the edge of the world up here and that's how it looks. At least, when the wind is blowing anyway.

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