Friday, 25 May 2012


 Bag in the barn

Bag on the shoulder

Yes, we are still here. Only the sun is shining and I have a problem spending time in the dark when I could be strolling in the sun. The Crofter is happy-ish  as the ground is dry and hard, he has money making work to do and the animules are all behaving themselves. I did hear him mention that he needs a bit of rain! Never completely satisfied that boy!.

The pigs were wallowing in the mud/poo when I was there yesterday, trying to cool off. Sheeps were out on Tolsta Head, coows were in the top field awaiting the Vet to arrive on his white horse over the horizon to do a little pedicure on Tinga and The Crofter and I sat and chewed the cud on the comfy chairs saved from the community hall skip. Was really lovely sitting there passing the time of day and all but falling asleep!

The Vet on the white horse or in the white van never arrived while I was there. Mr Crofter Sir went back to making teeth and I came home. 

These snaps were taken on a duller day when Mr Crofter Sir moved bags of feed from there [the van] to there [the barn]. Such excitement!

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