Monday, 7 May 2012


Oh come on. Surely you cannot be charmed by these little fellas rushing round the place like a demented pre-school group played football - without the ball.

Boys and girls playing Mums and Mum's, Boys and Boys  etc

I was waiting outside my little darkroom after sloshing some stuff over film when I heard the familiar put-put of the tractor and the drrrrrrrrr of the quad just behind. [Why stand up?? Please tell me!]

drrrrrrr, drrrrrrr

I popped over the road and found The Crofter and family out looking at the sheeps and lamblettes before going down to sort the fencing. Then The Crofter noticed a new addition, number 23 and only just on this world. Was lovely and sunny for the little creature too.

Sheeps and Lamblettes

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  1. Standing up can make the ride more comfortable if the ground is really rough.


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