Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Mr Crofter was happy today. Well, when I say 'happy' what I really mean was that he smiled. Only the once mind you, but a smile all the same. He'd just un-loaded a shed-load of animule feed brought back from Lewis Crofters. The other croft-supply place on the other side of the island has gone bust after a short period of trading. Such is life!
Life is tough for the lonesome Crofter

Anyway, Mr Crofter sat down for a cup of tea - builder's tea with milk and sugar - although now that you mention it, perhaps he doesn't have the sugar. Anyway, the invoice then came to his notice! 'Oh good-gracious'' he said with a certain amount of emphasis on the 'bol******' bit. Still, nothing that a sip of a nice cup of tea couldn't put right - that, and another full weekend making teeth!

But drink a mug of tea and he is smiling again.

note; of course it wasn't like this but why let truth get in the way??

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  1. Maybe the smile is a Lewis crofting way of testing some of them new teeth????


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