Thursday, 3 May 2012


 Pigs in the poly-tunnel

I've seen The Crofter in a better mood to be honest. When I arrived on the scene there seemed to be a plethora of pigs in the poly-tunnel area. Mr Crofter and family were trying to re-cover the poly-tunnel when piggies happened along [apparently]. Now, I know I am not a farmer, a crofter or anything really but why did he let the piggies out of their hutches this morning? Answers on a postcard please :-)

Dad Crofter walks away from the melee

The piggies had wanted to look at the ground where the poly-tunnel was just to check if there was any tasty morsels available - or if there was a comfortable place to lie down. To get there they crossed the newly dug ditch but were very reluctant to cross back over. Any amount of cajoling, pushing, heaving and squealing along with the food bucket couldn't get Ms Piggies to move. Maclaren wasn't too impressed either. Of course I joined in the 'fun' helping push oosit there, call whatshername here and shake a bucket of food somewhere else. It didn't help much. It did get sorted in the end, the poly-tunnel is now covered and the piggies are sleeping off their excesses!

Pigs where pigs shouldn't be [and Mum Crofter]

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  1. And Saddlebacks are usually such malleable critters, too! He'll benefit from the rooting, tooting n the soil in the long-run, no doubt!


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