Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Did I tell you it has been hot [tish]? I have, well it still is sunny although the warmth disappears soon after The Crofter takes his boots off and settles in front of the TV to watch Liverpool FC lose again.

Lambs and [m]others.

The lambs are loving it although one or five are taking their time to see the world as it is. There's black ones all over the place, white and brownish ones as well. Some are really woolly others scrawny and one is a tiddler! Mum must have mated with the guinea-pig me thinks!


And then there is Flash. Look, there the little calf named after the white flash across his little back. Mum Hyacinth is very proud but since I only had this camera with me and Diogenes wasn't too keen on my entering his patch - stamping his hoofs at me and everything - I stayed this side of the fence. 

Dad Crofter enjoying the warmth as he does, decided the poly-tunnel was getting a tad warmish so the window needed to be opened. Only, he had previously nailed it shut on account of the winter gales - so opening it wasn't as easy as it could have been.

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