Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Tossing the fences

I was down t'Croft tother day when I came across Mr Crofter Sir tossing the fence. I enquired whether he was hoping a new Highland Games event was in the offing. Well, he wasn't as it happens, just moving fence o'er the fence to put into trailer prior to taking down to Mr Four Tractors croftette where The Crofter's last few sheeps were temporarily residing.

Sheeps, this is what they look like!

The sheeps weren't too keen on moving round yet again so a nice game of 'hide and seek' and 'catch' was played by all - much to the dismay of The Crofter.
Sheeps, playing hide and seek

Soon The Crofter resorted to The Pied Piper game - only this time with a bucket of food rather than a tin whistle. The sheeps happily plodded along behind back o'er the fields and back to Crofter's own patch.

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