Wednesday, 4 January 2012


 Doing coow stuff

 Doing more coow stuff

Having fun

I can't remember when on earth I took these images since it seems to have been raining for months and now The Croft is a real quagmire. Well, even more than it usually is. The pigs are loving the mud, the coows less so and have retired to their winter quarters now The Crofter has mucked it out and given then lovely clean straw to lie on - which they eat. Nevertheless, the coows also eat the sileage lovingly paid for by the Crofter. Unfortunately, they also drag the sileage out of "the thing that holds the sileage" onto the floor of the byre where they promptly pee on it - or worse. As a result, Mr Crofter and his pater have lowered "the thing that holds the sileage" before the coows 'eat' it in the vain hope that it will encourage then to do solely that. Don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile, the ducks are quite liking the weather too. I may well venture out, should it stop raining this month, and see if the whole shebang is still afloat as it were.

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