Monday, 23 January 2012


"It's the only pleasure I have" the Crofter tried to convince me as Dad Crofter teetered on the top of the ladder trying to wedge a piece of wood behind the bracket so that Liverpool FC might score in sunshine rather than the pixelated snowstorm of late [they did score as it happens but their opponents - Bolton youth reserve team scored three times ! ]. Note how The Crofter directed affairs from the safety of the solid ground. I suppose, when the only pleasure you have is watching TV, one has to be careful.


  1. Kenny Dalgleish is an old friend, we were in same schoolclass for many years and kept in touch afterwards, so I have a soft spot these days for Liverpool! But to call it 'pleasure'....well, that I'm not so sure about!

  2. ... one of life's rich tapestries in these parts - finding a sturdy sheltered wall for the dish - have a fine collection of satellite debris here :)


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