Friday, 13 January 2012


The Crofter looks outside.


The sun was shining today down at t'Croft. Smiles all round as you can imagine. But the Crofter still has not got working central heating finding himself sliding around on his icy floors in the house as a result - he would have you believe. Donning his best Malcolm Maclaren designed jacket - a sort of off the shoulder [and part of the back] affair that looked well, looked like something the boar wouldn't lie on., the Crofter started the tractor into it's usual coughing rhythm and pootled round to the pile of grassy rolls covered in plastic - and mould in some cases.  The mould is because mice or some other uncaring small creature has nibbled through the blue plastic cover allowing the air to get in and the mould to form. The coows aren't too keen on the mould - and it doesn't do them much good either so, once Dad Crofter has hauled the bales onto the tractor thing on the back, and hauled them off again at the other end of the little trip, the grassy stuff has to be sorted - good from mouldy. Dad did that too.

Did I tell you sun shone??

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