Thursday, 22 December 2011


 The Crofter sits out of the rain [and tries to smile ]

 Sue looks out at the rain

David is still smiling, despite the rain

I took myself off down to The Crofter this morning - getting wet in the process. It's raining here somewhat. Has been for days. 

Mum Crofter [aka Sue] was doing things in the kitchen and gazing out of the window while Dad Crofter [aka David] waited for me to take his picture in the feed room. Meanwhile Mr Grumpy [aka The Crofter Paul] sat on his temporary throne, forced a smile and asked me to hurry up. I did.

Tis been a fine year at The Croft, and The Crofter and parents would like to wish everyone who reads this a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2012. [and also mention they have a spare turkey oven ready if anyone wants a really fresh one ! ]

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  1. I'd have had that Turkey...but here in Andalucia we have to make do (no hardship really) with Duck, which we were lucky to find. Have a great Xmas etc.


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