Wednesday, 14 December 2011


 View from the Croft

 The Crofter comes back from feeding the coows

 .. then stops to shut the gate [as I'm taking a snap ! ]

All Orthodox for the winter.

I hardly recognised the chap. All booted and suited and looking like a lost Greek Orthodox priest on a quad out to see his flock - or something. It was cold. And it was snowing at the time. The coows needed some nosh as the snow covered their usual fare. So a roll of silage was quickly put into the trailer, attached the quad and taken to the other croft field. 

The Crofter had apparently adopted his winter plumage - which, as it happens I think really suits him. The snow has gone now replaced by wind and rain, and more rain. The croft fields are wet. Very wet. The Crofter spent one wet afternoon extracting his beloved Yangtze Maosetungson tractor from a deep wet hole in the field after the surface gave way tipping the thing at 45 degrees and almost swallowing it whole. A great deal of sweat and tears and not a few 'botherations' passed before Donald Four Tractors came to the rescue with one of many machines and towed The Crofter to hard ground. Such is the life of the North Tolsta Crofter.

With Christmas coming, plans were afoot to erect a huge inflatable Father Christmas on the roof. Only, Lewis Crofters didn't have one!

Please note; Island Crofter are nothing to do with this here blog - even though they purloined our title. No doubt they are a fine company all the same

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