Thursday, 31 March 2011


Weather Hens

The Crofter always has to aware of the weather and there is lots of weather up here to be aware of. There is always the radio or tv weather forecast but they never seem to get it right for the island which has it's own local weather. Or there's the seaweed hanging at the door to look at but The Crofter doesn't believe in such hocus-pocus. Oh, no, The Crofter has his Weather Hens.

If you study the above photo carefully you can see that the hens are both out of their home. That means it's going to rain. If one is out and the other is in, it means sleet is on its way. Two in means its raining or snowing or, if the door of their house is nailed shut there's a big blow on the way in. If neither hens are to be seen, they have either been blown away or else they are in the pot!
A full-proof system

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