Thursday, 3 March 2011


A Cow
The new [to The Crofter] poly-tunnel.

"So why don't you get a shovel and help move the sh..... the cow poo out of the byre?" "Well" I replied, "if I'd wanted to shovel the smelly stuff I would have got some animals".
So started the conversation with The Crofter and his family this morning as they we sunning themselves on the bench in the unseasonal weather. I'd been out cycling for 25 miles in the morning which seemed a much better use of my time. I'm not sure The Crofter agreed since he has the new Poly-tunnel to finish erecting, the cow stuff to removed from the byre before the cow-lettes arrive - if they do that is.

The piglets are now three, two having gone to meet their butcher - which is why the slight lapse in the blog. I might be keen to photograph but I not keen to photograph a demise.

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