Tuesday, 22 February 2011


The old pig-home. In the snow [it's not pig-dandruff!].

The Croft was there - as it always is. The Crofter was directing affairs moving grit or something from over there [I'm waving to my left] to there [pointing now]. They, The Crofters have already moved big grit stuff from yours-truely [twas left over after filling a hole with it. The hole which we dug. Well, when I say 'we', I actually mean Eve and my pal Victor - obviously. Thinking of Vic, I do hope he's ok as he is in NZ at present. He is, just been given the nod].

The thing is the old pig home is being renovated. New floor and everything. And the picture above - the neg of which surfaced today from my 'filing' - it was behind the pooter on the floor, after I had reconfigure the spaghetti that is the wiring of the pooter bits - the picture above of of the old pig-house with Mr Crofter modelling the fine features of the design - one of which wasn't the floor. Some while back.

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