Friday, 4 February 2011


Oh bother. Where's the bonnet gone?
The storm came and eventually went. The Croft had a little minor destruction to cope with in the morning. Strewn along the path was the cut wood from the wood store, fences over, gates ripped off and look, there's no bonnet on the Land-Rover. The animals were all fine - chickens having been nailed in to their homes overnight by Dad Crofter. The poly-tunnel survived too - which I'm sure was a great relief to the ducks.

On the other hand, my Olympus camera I was using packed up!


  1. hope your all ok..we woke up to find an empty oil tanker had hit the front of our car! we couldn't work out where it came from! and there's two people on point missing bbq's as they were in the garden too!!

  2. How far can a Rover Bonnet fly?


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