Saturday, 12 February 2011


Mr Crofter has gone to town to celebrate something or other with someone or other from the village. No doubt Mr Crofter will visit an establishment or two and drink a lemonade or two as well. The town in question is Stornoway and it's well known for it's late night lemonade fuelled street dancing. Here we can see Mr Crofter practising a move or three in The Croft house.

On the crofting front, the land-rover has been reunited with its bonnet - albeit rather more wrinkled than Land-Rover meant it to be, The little pigs are back in their usual house after sulking for a couple of days down on the lower slopes of the croft - refusing even to look at the accommodation there and not eating either!

Moves are afoot to re-locate Mr Crofter's laboratory where he makes his money. Having acquired some thrown out lab furniture from town, Mr Crofter presented me with one item he sourced especially for me - and the enlarger sits atop it perfectly. Much appreciated Mr Crofter.

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