Saturday, 26 March 2011


The Crofter sorting out his silage
The Crofter is doing fine thank you all. I went and paid another visit today - after our little bicycle ride along the coast. We found The Crofter washing something 'orrible off his boots while regaling us of tails of new house house building in the village. We listened attentively.
The coows are penned up awaiting the coming of the calves - hopefully. The pigs are making a mess of the place - as if they could make it much worse! And the sheeps, in the main, are back up on the neighbours croft ready for lambing in the near future. I said 'in the main' since there are a few missing this winter. A couple took the quick way down the beach, falling off the cliff to their demise but there are some others who are hiding somewhere in the vicinity. at least The Crofter hopes so. They are black if anyone sees them!

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