Saturday, 19 March 2011


Le Croft

The Croft is looking more like a quad track these days what with the mud and the piles of old tyres around the place. The old flower containers disintegrated so Dad Crofter got some worn-out tyres from town and fashioned them into...... uh..... piles ! If the flowers arrive it might probably look a bit nice :-)

Whilst Mr Crofter was urging whatever football team on to further.... further...... whatever football teams do [and that's not much in my experience] my dear partner and I took a little excursion over to Carloway to check out young Sparticus' new abode. and there he was ready to greet me at the fence next to the Blue Pig studio run by Jane Harlington who is getting all Rev'd up for the year ahead.. [and where I bought some really lovely Jane H made batik cards] Now graciously named Sparticus McTaggart, I'm reliably told the bull-ette is a fine and kind fellow who gets on well with his new companions. Probably just as well otherwise he'll be seeing the inside of a freezer a bit soon.

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