Monday, 22 March 2010


"What next?"

The calfs have not appeared yet and it seems the mothers-to-be are content to wait a little, sitting in the newly straw-ed byre taking sun and whatever feed The Crofter sees fit to give - which isn't a great deal at the moment I'm informed. And for a very good reason - for the benefit of the coows health.
Meanwhile Mr Crofter waits and makes teeth to pay for the new animals to be and to keep people happy with new-found smiles. Mr Crofter is great at that job too [I know; I suffered in that profession for 20 years] - and sold his dental laboratory in England to pay for the croft here.

Oh, and the dumper's brakes are almost fixed. A new brake drum and pipes have been attached by Dad and The Crofter and Tuesday may well see brake fluid bled through the system. Who knows? It may all be working again with much singing and dancing about no doubt.

weather; nice turning wet

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