Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The site of the former peat pile. [born and bred villagers do peat stacks -delicately stacked with straight sides and herringbone patterns. Incomers just chuck em down in a pile ! ]
Guinea Pigs. I think they are 'Jemima' and 'Lord Nelson'.

Wandering down to The Crofter's abode this morning I was struck by the question of why Mr Crofter Sir, he of the North Tolsta Grazings Committee, keeps Guinea Pigs. Lots of them. Well, lots of them now anyway. They are after all his most prolific breeders - whether he likes it or not; why he does he not eat them? The chickens, ducks, sheeps, carrots and cows all go that way. And they do eat guinea pigs elsewhere. I've seen them myself for sale for meat in Bolivian markets. I did suggest the notion to Mr Crofter but I was met with a stony wall of silence - which I think means - "shut up" - or words to that effect.

The peat pile is getting a bit low. Well, the winter has been cold and Mum Crofter does like her son's house to be warm for him. My pal William from another part of the island has already been out cutting the turf so that, when the dryer weather arrives it will be easier to lift the turf off and begin the peat cutting. Mr Crofter does his rather later than most. Although that may change this year if he is to stay warm and get the oven warmed up for a bit of cooking. Guinea Pig scratchings anyone?

weather; dampish

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