Thursday, 11 March 2010


The 'caber' is removed from its previous growing spot.

I'm not sure Mr Crofter has quite grasped Highland Games protocol. I noticed his total mishandling of the caber the other day [emphasis on 'a' -say "ahh"- in cabar ]. I didn't even know he was in training for the Lewis Highland Games as it happens.
Anyway, Mr Crofter has his birthday early next week so I kept my council as he manhandled this caber up the croft and planted it in the ground - without any fertilizer either - but with stones. He must know what he is doing I suppose. It was moved from towards the bottom of the croft where it had been holding up a gate to where its needed to keep the coows from trashing the bottom field as well as the top one with their hoofs. The lovely leetle lambletts when they arrive will populate the bottom field with their mums.
Weather; damp.

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