Thursday, 18 March 2010


The Tired Crofter - darkroom print. Eh!

The Crofter is knackered. What with the Hebridean sheeps now back on the croft prior to the lambing, the coows stalking around waiting for their imminent days of calving, the chickens and ducks proudly enjoying their new homes and the turkey hassling everyone who comes within humping distance of him, The Crofter is running out of steam. And not helped by today's dismantling of the brakes [or what purported to be brakes ] on the croft's dumper truck. So efficient had the brakes been that it didn't seem to matter that one of the brake pipes had been broken off and all the fluid drained away. I had been wondering why Dad Crofter pulled faces when driving the thing.

And now, at the local village meeting this evening, The Crofter, he of the North Tolsta Grazing Committee has been elected onto the Village Shop Committee where no doubt he will insist on them stocking sheep nuts, dumper truck spares or something.

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