Thursday, 26 February 2015


I go away for a week and all lets loose. Potentially anyway. Mr Crofter took the lovely Gemma, his fiancée back doon to Yarkshire - presumably to ensure she left the island. She'll be back soon enough - but not soon enough for The Crofter whose general grumpiness has returned - although I obviously wouldn't tell him that. Yes, he is back as well haven taken aeronautical transportation to return to the island and his everso pregnant coows - ably looked after by Mam and Dad Crofter in the meantime.

The coows or at least two of them have moved into the bit that Mr Crofter used to inhabit some time ago. By the time Gemma returns to put the finishing touches to the PoR, the calflettes will be in the front room watching tv with Widdle!

The Boy Shaun turned up today, wafting in at 10.30 when he said he would arrive Thursday! Oh, it was Thursday. He turned up all the same. With a hat on too.

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