Tuesday, 3 March 2015


BTW; before I forget there's another johnny-come-lately blog about The Croft run by The Crofter imself. Not that you can believe much of it mind - sounds too good to be true if you ask me. Colour digital imaging though - if you like that sort of thing. Look here

Obviously, if you want the unadulterated 'truth' and monochrome film-based images with an informative commentary you'll continue coming here.

The Crofters were visited by the talented Lucrecia Olivia Flynn Hunter, a Cornish photographer documenting the latest in crofter fashion. Obviously, it was David she turned to and here we can see the shoot progressing as David models his latest hat creation donned especially to celebrate the arrival of Tolsta Brian -  some little calflette - the other day. David also sports a warm survival suit to keep the winter gales at bay. David like animals and helping old people. [I hope he likes helping old people as I need to move the boat in the morn!]

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