Wednesday, 4 February 2015


They huffed and they puffed

I haven't been down to The Croft today. I was busy/lazy and I didn't want my ear bent after yesterdays report. You know the sort of thing "Why did you tell everyone that the tractor is stuck?". That rather does assume that people read this thing. I just write this thing for my own amusement really. And anyway, why did The Crofter stick the flippin toy-tractor in the mud with me there taking snaps then? Tell me that? Eh?

Dad Crofter wearily marches into the sun past the stuck toy-tractor.

And then walks back again

I noticed whilst examining the evidence here in snap form that we were being spied on.. And spied on by someone who looks suspiciously like a post person- on a account of the post office van they were driving and the post office jacket whilst delivering letters. Just saying and everything.

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