Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Dutch is fine since you ask. You did ask didn't you? He's settling in nicely, looking at the view and wondering when he will be old enough to consort with his ladies to be. Men eh?

Looking at the Sheeps on a sunny day

The ragged trousered Crofter is fine too. He's been consorting with gates a lot these days. The sheeps were brought in from t'moor since they hadn't bothered to dig the peats for The Crofter and their coats were looked somewhat ragged anyway. Perhaps they'll have a hair-cut soon. One sheeps has a dodgy leg but it can't be so bad as it walked all the way from Tolsta Head to the croft and still had energy to leap around the field - albeit lopsidedly - every time The Crofter got close.

 Cutting the hens new front door

Then it was time to finish the hen house [no 3] with a deft bit of drilling and sawing with Mum keeping things in order. You may note the Yangtze MaotsetunSon tractor standing in the background as it has done for the last few - days, weeks etc. It is, to be perfectly blunt, standing to attention, refusing to make the great leap forward, nailed to it's perch - and so on. At the moment. 

 The Crofter and Dad still watching the sheeps.

Gate Gate

A new gate has appeared, riding from the remnants of the shed thing. There it is hanging about by the trailer, next to the shed-thing and in front of land-rover 1.Nice eh? Lucy is behind  No1. Don't ask.

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